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Waterloo Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund
Donate Waterloo Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund
The Unrestricted Fund allows our Board to meet the most immediate needs of our community. Your donation will also fund more competitive grants to our non-profit partners making a difference in human services, arts and culture, education, and economic development. We hope to triple the amount of competitive grants we give away in the next three years.
Agency Endowments
Donate Black Hawk County Conservation Fund
The Black Hawk County Conservation Fund aims to promote, create and maintain wetland mitigation on public lands under the Black Hawk County Conservation Board’s jurisdiction. These efforts provide: habitat for plants and animals, great spots for fishing, canoeing, hiking, and birdwatching, and they absorb excess nutrients, sediment and other pollutants before reaching rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies.
Donate Friendship Village
The Friendship Village Endowment Fund is a long-term investment established to provide funds to Friendship Village in perpetuity. Each year, distributions from this fund will help Friendship Village continue our mission through faith to inspire, connect, and honor those on their retirement journey.
Donate Friends of the Waterloo Center for the Arts
Support facilities and programs of the Waterloo Center for the Arts/Phelps Youth Pavilion in providing cultural and arts programs and services for the community including, but not limited to, public arts, youth and adult cultural classes and workshops, performances, lectures/presentations, exhibitions, and collection acquisition and care.
Donate General Endowment Fund
Our General Endowment is a long-term fund and ensures the Waterloo Community Foundation will have the stability and funding necessary to serve our city for generations to come!
Donate Mac McCausland Endowment for the Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley
Named in memory of Mac McCausland, who was a long-standing and passionate supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, this fund provides ongoing financial support for the Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley. Their mission is to “inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as responsible, caring, and productive citizens.”
Donate Waterloo Public Library Board of Trustees
This long-term fund was established to offer annual operating funds for the Waterloo Public Library in order to carry out its mission of providing free access to education, information, and recreation in a welcoming environment.
Designated Funds
Donate Building Momentum
This fund supports One City United, an organization that connects people to resources and organizations providing services which help end crisis, poverty and addiction and equip those who desire transformed lives.
Donate Cedar Valley Sportsplex Enhancement Fund
This fund supports equipment and replacement of capital assets of the Cedar Valley Sportsplex, including equipment upgrades and replacements, and room remodels to support new and existing programs. Normal operational expenses remain the responsibility of the City of Waterloo.
  Donate Dave and Sharon Juon Memorial Fund
In memory of David and Sharon Juon, this endowed fund supports the discretionary grant-making programs of the Waterloo Community Foundation.
  Donate Lucy Price Memorial Fund
This fund provides support for the Black Hawk County Conservation Board, specifically to Hartman Reserve Nature Center, to restore and preserve Lucy’s Meadow as an educational area for the community.
Donate Mark's Park Endowment Fund
This long-term fund supports the repair and maintenance of Mark’s Park, located along the Cedar Riverfront in an area known as the RiverLoop Amphitheater, generally between W. Park Avenue and W. 1st Street in the City of Waterloo, Iowa.
Donate Stanford and Margaret Duffy Family Designated Fund
Established in honor of Stanford and Margaret Duffy, long-serving members St. Edward's Catholic Church in Waterloo. Annual distributions from this fund will benefit the operations and maintenance of the facilities, including the Pastor's residence.
  Donate Transforming Gates and Byrnes Parks Fund
Established to support the renovation of both Gates and Byrnes Parks in Waterloo.
Donate Waterloo Police Racial Equality Training Fund
This fund was established to implement “Procedural Justice/Implicit Bias/Reconciliation Training” at the Waterloo Police Department.
Field of Interset Funds
Donate Believe Waterloo Fund
The Believe Waterloo Fund supports programs which enhance and/or improve access, quality of life, and community betterment for the citizens of Waterloo, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or age. When he established this fund, Quentin Hart commented, "By inspiring, educating and improving our local community, we change the world."
Donate Culture and Arts Education Field of Interest Fund
This fund provides funding to non-profits that support community cultural and arts education projects or programs that serve all youth and assure them of an opportunity to encounter the arts in many forms and ways.
Donate Steve Mager Community Arts Fund
This fund will honor Steve Mager with a public work of art in his beloved downtown Waterloo. Steve Mager was a fierce advocate for downtown and knew how to bring creative people together to form community. Donations will cover artist fees and supplies for the mural. Any additional funds beyond the cost of the mural will go toward a mission of, as Carssan Morrissey said of Steve, supporting “kindness for its own sake, support for the arts, and creating an artistic community in Waterloo" - especially projects that embody Steve's view of art as community and accessible to everyone.
Donor Advised Funds
Donate DeNae Nash Fund
In memory of DeNae Nash, 2018 graduate from East High School, this Fund will benefit Waterloo schools, Waterloo basketball camps and programs, the betterment of the greater Waterloo community, the Iowa Donor Network, and the DeNae Nash Purple Heart Scholarship Fund.
  Donate Eric and Julie Ritland Family Fund
The purpose of the Eric and Julie Ritland Family Fund is to carry out the charitable mission of the Waterloo Community Foundation by contributing resources for the betterment of the greater Waterloo, Iowa, community and its citizens.
Donate Eric and Lori Johnson Fund
This fund supports the charitable mission of the Waterloo Community Foundation by contributing resources for the betterment of the greater Waterloo, Iowa, community and its citizens.
Donate Geraldine "Jeri" M. Thornsberry Fund
This fund offers financial support to the Black Hawk Soil and Water Conservation District for unrestricted use such as community outreach and public engagement events designed to promote the mission of the district.
Donate Harry and Polly Slife Fund
This fund honors the legacy of Harry and Polly Slife who were life-long community supporters of Waterloo and the greater Cedar Valley. They gave generously of their time and resources to many community organizations. Grants from this fund support qualified programs and projects that meet community needs and benefit the health and welfare of Waterloo citizens.
  Donate Kathleen and Robert Braun Charitable Fund
This fund prioritizes organizations existing in Black Hawk County Iowa that provide assistance to educational institutions, organizations which provide for the enjoyment of the arts, and organizations which benefit the general health and welfare of the citizens. Grants may also be made to such organizations located outside of Black Hawk County Iowa in compliance with policies established by the Foundation.
  Donate Kevin and Beth McCrindle Fund
This fund supports the educational and charitable uses of the Waterloo Community Foundation.
Donate Kevin Dill Family Fund
This fund was established in honor of Kevin Dill who was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and retired as director of Black Hawk County Veterans Affairs. Kevin is an advocate for others who are diagnosed with dementia and this fund will benefit organizations like Dementia Friendly Cedar Valley who are ensuring that patients, families, and caregivers receive the support and resources they need. Additionally, this Fund will also benefit Black Hawk County Veteran Affairs or similar organizations serving or honoring Black Hawk County Veterans such as Cedar Valley Honor Flights, Sullivan Brothers AMVET post, the Veteran’s Way project, or other programs associated with the Sullivan Brothers.
Donate Lance and Ellen Vanderloo Donor Advised Fund
This fund contributes to nonprofit causes that support children (prevent child abuse, daycare, youth programs); education; under represented and/or minority populations; address the needs of those in poverty; and promote health and wellness and services for neglected and/or abused animals.
  Donate Leighty Family Fund
Supports interest areas such as: earth protection; food security and nutrition; local food production and sales; minimizing private vehicle transportation; inner urban renovation; efficient and economical human shelter and housing; science education; strategic volunteer engagement and organizational capacity building; general promotion of philanthropy; capital projects only at the stage where funds might influence the design for better compliance with the spirit of earth protection; and general good of the community of Waterloo.
Donate LORAL Trust Fund for the Love of Reading and Learning
LORAL stands for the Love of Reading and Learning. The mission of this fund is to inspire and support the love of reading and learning in children and young adults, primarily, but without limitation, in Waterloo and northeast Iowa.
  Donate Noel "Thorny" E. Thornsberry Fund
The purpose of The Noel “Thorny” E. Thornsberry Fund is to offer financial support to the following funds managed by the Waterloo Community Foundation: LORAL Trust Fund (10%), Waterloo Youth City Council (10%), Waterloo Public Library Endowment Fund (80%).
  Donate Sam and Janet Holden Family Fund
The purpose of the Sam and Janet Holden Family Fund is to carry out the charitable mission of the Waterloo Community Foundation by contributing resources for the betterment of the greater Waterloo, Iowa, community and its citizens.
Donate Thomas and Leah Felcher Fund
This fund benefits various charitable entities, with a primary (but not exclusive) emphasis on charities located and operating in Waterloo, Iowa.
Donate Tyler Greene Fund
In memory of Tyler Greene, this fund benefits organizations and programs that promote Ability Awareness and inclusion. Ability Awareness is the skill of recognizing that what someone CAN do is more important than what they can't do. Tyler had cerebral palsy and other disabilities, which he fully embraced, and he shared his message of Ability Awareness around the world. This Fund also distributes to the Tyler Greene Scholarship Fund.
Fiscal Sponsorships
  Donate Cedar Valley Antiracism Fund
The Cedar Valley Antiracism coalition seeks to facilitate education, constructive conversation, action, and mutual understanding to eliminate racism in the Cedar Valley.
Donate East High Alumni Committee
$400 Team Entry Fee for the 2022 Golf Tournament. The East High Alumni Committee is organized to raise charitable contributions for East High School Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities. This fund aims to ensure that all the students at East High would have the resources of their competitors.
  Donate Iowa's Bravest
Iowa’s Bravest is a Cedar Valley all-volunteer effort that collects and sends boxes to Iowa servicemen and women while they are deployed overseas and supports veterans and their families here at home.
Donate Junior Wahawk Baseball Program
The Junior Wahawk Baseball Program is providing opportunities and support for the youth in and around Waterloo, Iowa to learn and play baseball.
Donate Koats 4 Kids
This program supplies new winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, boots and snow pants to under-resourced children in Waterloo.
Donate Power of the Purse
This fund supports an annual financial management conference for women. In partnership with the Waterloo Community Foundation, this fund receives event sponsorships, registrations and pays for any related event expenses.
  Donate Tennis Teens Tots
This fund was established to provide tennis lessons and equipment to under-resourced kids in the Cedar Valley.
Donate Waterloo Police Protective Association
This fund supports three programs through the Waterloo Police Department. The programs include: Police Officer of the Month, Situational, and Cops 'N Kids.
Donate Waterloo Softball Association, Inc.
This fund supports improvements and enhancements to the Hoing-Rice Memorial Softball Complex, generally located at 1061 Josephone Street in Waterloo, Iowa.
Donate Waterloo Youth City Council
This fund supports the Waterloo Youth City Council program, which was established to explore, communicate, and provide for the needs, problems, issues, and activities affecting the city’s youth.
  Donate Women's Center for Change Well-Being Baskets Fund
This fund provides immediate hygiene needs and other items for healthcare and comfort to women who arrive at the Women's Center for Change.
Donate Aumer Scholarship Fund
This renewable scholarship honors the legacy of Dave Aumer, a youth advocate and supporter of the Waterloo Warriors hockey program. Dave’s family and friends established this scholarship as a living legacy to his memory and love of hockey. The Aumer Scholarship is awarded annually to a senior member of the Waterloo Warriors Hockey team for post-secondary education.
Donate Dr. Wilfred M. Johnson Upward Bound Scholarship Fund
This scholarship supports post-secondary education of Upward Bound students attending a Waterloo High School. Eligible students are planning to attend a public college or university or community college as a full-time student, have a minimum GPA of 2.7, and have completed 40 of hours of volunteer service.
Donate Greg Freshwater Memorial Scholarship Designated Fund
Supports City of Waterloo firefighters seeking paramedic or EMT training. The fund was established to honor the life and legacy of Waterloo firefighter Greg Freshwater who was fatally injured in an accident while jogging in south Waterloo in the summer of 2017.
Donate Hubert & Georgia Rossin Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Hubert & Georgia Rossin Scholarship is awarded to a student at a Waterloo public or parochial school that has been or is currently residing in a foster care home. Hubert and Georgia not only raised their own six children, but opened up their Waterloo home regularly to young people residing in the foster care system. This scholarship is dedicated to those who have provided a loving home to those in need. Scholarship is inspired also by the belief the Rossins exemplified every day: that every child deserves a loving and supportive home.
Donate Liz Crowley Endowed Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship honors Liz Crowley, a long-time educator in Waterloo. She served as the first principal at the Dr. Walter Cunningham School for Excellence. She molded a positive and enthusiastic staff as she initiated innovative practices including a year-round calendar, same sex classrooms, enhanced parent commitment, and implemented the first Waterloo Leader In Me program. This scholarship is available to students at East, West or Expo entering the field of education.
Donate POS Corporation Scholarship Fund
This fund provides post-secondary scholarships for dependents of full-time employees at Professional Office Services. There are typically five $1,000 scholarships issued annually.
  Donate Rick and Debbie Morris Family Scholarship
The scholarship is established for purpose of helping with the cost of advanced education for students at West High School in Waterloo, Iowa. One scholarship will be awarded annually to an eligible applicant in the amount of $1,000. Eligible applicants will be attending an institution in Iowa full-time, maintaining a 3.5 GPA, and show involvement in extra-curricular activities, volunteer service, and/or work experience. Special consideration will be given to those who have held or currently hold positions of leadership.
Donate Todd Brekke Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established in honor of Todd Brekke. An annual scholarship will be awarded to a student who has similar talents that Todd possessed. Eligible students will be enrolled at East, West, or Expo High School. They are planning to attend post-secondary school full-time, and pursuing a career in the arts (computer graphics, painting, design, etc.) or skilled trade area such as auto repair/mechanics, welding or carpentry.
Donate Tyler Greene Scholarship Fund
In memory of Tyler Greene, this scholarship fund awards a renewable scholarship to students who demonstrate, through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or general behavior, an understanding of Ability Awareness and inclusion. Ability Awareness is the skill of recognizing that what someone CAN do is more important than what they can't do. Tyler had cerebral palsy and other disabilities, which he fully embraced, and he shared his message of Ability Awareness around the world.
Donate VGM Scholarship Fund
VGM Group, a Waterloo-based company that offers professional services to help business customers grow and sustain their competitive advantage, offers scholarships to high school seniors who are children of full-time employees at VGM Group or active employees at VGM. Eligible students are graduating from high school and planning to pursue a degree at an accredited post-secondary educational institution either part-time or full-time. They must also have had a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
Donate Waterloo Hy-Vee Smiles Beyond the Aisles Scholarship Fund
The Waterloo Hy-Vee Scholarship is awarded annually to a student in Waterloo pursuing advanced education. Applicants must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year institution within 20 miles of Waterloo, have a minimum 2.5 grade point average, and show involvement in extra-curricular activities, volunteer service, or work. Preference will be given to applicants with financial need, as demonstrated in their Free Application for Student Aid Application.
Donate Youth In Action Volunteerism Scholarship Fund
The scholarship was established to recognize volunteerism in students. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to help with the cost of advanced education for students graduating from West High, East High, or Expo and attending full-time at the University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University or an Iowa community college. Eligible students will be majoring in the field of education or science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM), have earned a grade point average of 2.9, and have given a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer service to the community in the prior 12 months.
Other Funds